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What’s wrong with your carpet?

Over a time period due to factors like climate, pets, food, children and human allergies that may impact our lifestyle, following are some of the unwanted things that are commonly found in the carpets even after regular vacuuming.

1.Mould/Mildew    2. Bacteria/viruses.  3. Bed bugs/fleas. 4. Dirt/Dust or organic debris  5. Pollen    6. Moth Larvae/ dust mites  7. Odour/Bad smells   8. Pet hair/faeces/dander  9. Food particles  10. Drink & Food stains

Combat it! It is strongly recommended to get your carpet professionally cleaned  every 12-18 months.  Even all carpet warranties are subject to professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months. 

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About us

We are a family based team in lower Hutt, Wellington. We have working experience in this industry for more than 5 years.  To be honest its not a rocket science all it takes is passion and satisfaction about the work. So, we keep it simple! We love this job!
Our motto: Honesty, Reliability and winning your smile.

Our goal is to be market leader in residential and commercial based cleaning solutions.  
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